MX50i Intelligent Note Counter


Exclusive Feature – For First Time In India we have installed Auto Recovery Power System on MX50i Note Counting Machine which will protect the machine from Fluctuating Power Supply & Overheat due to Load supply.


MX50i – India’s Top Selling Intelligent Note Counter – Ready for New 2000, 500 Notes

  • Counts New Rs.2000, Rs.500 Denomination – No Update Req.
  • Accurate Detection of Super Fake notes in Rs.1000, 500, 100 denom
  • UV, IR, I-Scan Detection with LED Indicator
  • Chipset Upgradation facility
  • Preferred by India’s Top Banks, Corporate, Small Medium Business owners

For Customers who look for Affordable Note Counting Machine that can flawlessly detect fake notes & provide uninterrupted operational performance – MX50i is the Perfect Choice.

Maxsell MX50i is India’s Favourite Cash Counting Machine. Equipped with high precision sensors and advanced MG Spectrum Analyzing technology it helps in identifying counterfeit currency while counting and making it Impossible for MX50i to miss any Fakes. Identifies the latest 2000, 500 currency and needs no updation. Proven by our tests at India’s Leading Banks & RBI.

  • Counts New Rs.2000, Rs.500 Denomination.
  • Fits anywhere, compact design, Easy to carry handle
  • Designed for Easy & Maintenance Free Operation
  • I-Scan Technology for detecting SUPER FAKE NOTES (Tested by RBI & leading Banks)
  • Detect fake note right on the counter to avoid further embarrassment or confusion
  • User friendly functions and interface
  • Saves time & labour
  • Reduces loss due to manual counting
  • Twin displays on the machine for easy viewing
  • Understandable error codes helps in faster decisions
  • 100% safe for Human use
  • Batching facility – ideal to make payments and bundles of loose notes
  • CE, ISO & RoHS Certified. Tested by RBI for Counting & Detecting Accuracy


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